What else you should know about the features of albums.
You know how to create albums and how to add or delete photos. Here you will learn more about the further features of albums.

Determine the thumbnail
Whenever you move photos into an album, the first photo will automatically be used as the ´thumbnail´ for the album. It will be displayed in the top right corner of the album. In order to change this just use the mouse to drag another photo to this position.

Status of the album
The status of the album results automatically from the photos stored in the album. If only public photos are used in the album, the album is public, too. If there is one photo just for friends among the photos, the album will only be visible for friends. If only one single photo is marked as ´private´, the status of the album will automatically be private, too. The status of the album will be displayed.

Hint: The status of the album can not be changed, only the status of the single photos.

If it is necessary to change the status of a photo, use the "Current filter" function to find the photo. Click the corresponding button to have the respective photos displayed: /// (Public/Friends/Family/Private).

Slide show
The slide show offers you a kind of ´circular tour´ through your album. The photos will be displayed one after the other together with the appropriate map. The current position will be highlighted. The photos will change automatically. Above the photos you will find the respective Wikipedia entry, above the map the control buttons for the slide show.

If your album is public, all visitors on the locr website can enjoy this ´circular tour´. If it´s just for friends, only friends can view it, ..., if it is even private, only you can start and see the slide show.

View album
With "View album" you can browse systematically through your album. Move the mouse over a photo and the corresponding marker on the map will be enlarged. Moving the mouse onto a marker will highlight the appropriate photo.

Change the name of the album
"Change the name of the album" allows you to rename your album.

Describe album
Use the "Describe album" option to enter a short description for your album.

Delete album
Via "Delete album" the complete album will be deleted. You will be asked if you really want to delete the album, and if you click "OK", the album will definitely be deleted.

Hint: Only the album will be deleted, but not the photos in the locr data base!