Are there further settings in the locr GPS Photo software?
In the locr GPS Photo software you will find some further options on the "Settings" and the "Time Adjust" tabs.

The "Settings" tab

You will find the following additional options in the "Settings" tab.

Show small map control
The "Show small map control" only displays the reduced pan & zoom controls: , , , , and , .

Show large map control
If you select the "Show large map control" option, all zoom & pan controls will be displayed: the complete pan buttons (, , , , ) as well as all zoom buttons (, , ).

Show overview map control
Activating the "Show overview map control" check box brings up the small overview map in the downright edge of Google Maps.

Upload a resized copy of the original photo
During the upload your photos will be uploaded with a maximum resolution of 1.600 pixels as default. This accelerates the upload procedure! If you’d like to upload your photos with maximum quality and resolution, you’ll have to de-activate the "Upload a resized copy of the original photo" option in the "Settings" tab.

The "Time Adjust" tab

If you forgot to set your camera time correctly before taking the photos, you can adjust the time subsequently using locr GPS Photo.
Important note: For an exact calculation of the position during the automatic geotagging you should always set and keep the camera time set according to the system time of your computer - regardless, where you are driving or flying to!

Also see "The automatic geotagging does not really work with my photos."