How can I add friends and family members?
When uploading photos via the locr web site, or the locr GPS Photo software you can determine the status of the photos: Public photos, private photos, photos for friends or for your family. You can change the status any time.

In order to make your photos accessible to friends or to the family, you will have to define who should belong to your friends or to your family. This, however, requires that you are logged in.

Adding friends / family members
Adding friends (family members) by user name
Adding friends (family members) via the e-mail address
Approving the friendship

Whenever another locr member adds you as a friend (family member) you will be informed via e-mail. If he uses your known locr name, the respective user name appears in the list of your friends. You can approve this name to make your photos visible for him. You can already view his photos.

If you´ve been added via e-mail address, you will receive an invitation code for approval in addition.