Can I also open and view photos in Google Earth?
Sure! If your photos are already geotagged and the free Google Earth is already installed on your computer, you can open and view your photos in Google Earth, too.

For this purpose locr GPS Photo provides the "Export to Google Earth" button, and the locr web site the "Open with Google Earth" icon. You can find this icon under "Map", "Browse", and "Your place". NOTE: Opening the photos in Google Earth may - depending on the number of photos, computer performance and internet connection - take a while!

The icon enables you identify your photos in Google Earth. If you move the mouse over it, thumbnails will be shown. If there is more than one photo for the same location, you can see them when you click on the icon. Clicking on a single photo makes it appear together with the first Wikipedia entry assigned to it.

For additional information on locr and Google Earth, please refer to "How does the view of locr photos work in Google Earth?"