How does the view of locr photos work in Google Earth?
To be able to view locr photos in Google Earth, Google Earth has to be installed on your computer.

No matter whether you use the locr website, or the free locr PGS Photo software for geotagging, the information on the position (longitude and latitude) is saved. In order to position the photos correctly Google Earth needs exactly this information.

For data transfer with Google Earth locr uses the KML file format.

In locr GPS Photo click the "Export to Google Earth" button and "Yes", in order to view the photos in Google Earth.

If you click the "Open with Google Earth" icon on the locr web site, a dialog box appears, asking whether you want to "Open" or "Save" the files.
Both "Open" as well as "Save" will succeed. If you only want to have ´a quick glance´ at some photos in Google Earth, click "Open". If, on the contrary, you want to view the same photos several times, it makes sense to save the kml file. A further aspect: you can pass the file (the link) to friends.

Note! If you pass the link (the kml file) of your private photos, others can see these photos, too! You thus make the photos - quasi - public. So think twice!