How can I geotag my photos with the locr GPS Photo software?
To geotag your photos you have to download and install the locr GPS Photo software. Downloads

If you want to upload photos to the locr website you need an account and a password. Sign up

There are two ways to geotag your photos: The photos can be tagged manually or automatically ("How can I geotag my photos with the locr GPS Photo software automatically?" ).

TIP: Geotagging adds information to your photos. Therefore, locr recommends you to save the original photos to a backup folder before opening them in locr GPS Photo!

Geotagging using the address

Geotagging using the address is a blindingly easy way to find the position where a photo was taken.

Geotagging via "zoom and click"

Sure, geotagging using the address is the easiest way. But if you do not know the exact address, or rather prefer to look, where the photo may have been taken, do the following:

Note: During the upload your photos will be uploaded with a maximum resolution of 1.600 pixels as default. This accelerates the upload procedure! If you´d like to upload your photos with maximum quality and resolution, you´ll have to de-activate the "Upload a resized copy of the original photo" option in the "Settings" tab.

In order to view the photos under Google Earth, first click the "Export to Google Earth", and then the "Yes" button.

For more information on settings in the locr GPS Photo software see "Are there further settings in the locr GPS Photo software?".