Organizing and "sharing"?


An estimated 5 billion photos are taken world-wide each year. Everyone knows that sorting photos is a labor-intensive task. locr makes it easier and quicker. Geotagging saves you having to write cumbersome photo captions and archiving and sorting photos is simple as well. Tedious searches for unlabelled photos is now a thing of the past.
You can also organize your photos in an Album with only a few mouse clicks and archive a wonderful trip or exciting event in, for example, a slideshow.
Organizing and "sharing"?
Share your impressions and experiences with people from around the world. Show all your favorite photos and use as a worldwide communication platform so that you can keep in constant touch with your friends and family, especially when you are far apart and it’s not so easy to stop by for a visit. Invite everyone you know so that you can show them your photos at
You decide who may view the uploaded photos and make comments. Choose between the following settings: "Public", "Family", "Friends" or "Private".