How does geotagging work?


There are four ways to apply a geotag to a photo.

  • Manually on
Geotag your photos manually! It’s very simple and works with no additional hardware or software download. You just need a digital photo and a FREE account. Register now and visit the upload page. To start, just upload a photo. Do you know where you took the photo? Yes? Great, because now you can mark the location of your photo on the map or just enter the address.
Tour Manual

  • Automatically with a GPS Mobile Phone
With locr’s free mobile phone software, you can automatically geotag and instantly upload photos to locr from anywhere in the world.
With, mobile phones become interactive, mobile tour guides. This is how it works: Just register with locr, download the software and get started. Enter your user name and password in the locr mobile phone client, take photos and upload them with only two mouse clicks, without having to access a PC.
Our daily lives go mobile. Today, a wide range of mobile phones have inbuilt GPS modules. Even more will be equipped with GPS in the near future.
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  • Automatically with a GPS data logger
With locr’s free PC software you can automatically and simultaneously geotag several photos from anywhere in the world. You just need a GPS data logger and the locr GPS Photo application for Windows.
So get movin’! Go grab yourself a GPS data logger, go out and take some photos! The locr PC software links the GPS data to your photos and uploads them to On the website you are able to use all the many options provided by locr.
Tour GPS-Logger

  • Automatically with a GPS digital camera
Geotag your photos with a GPS digital camera. The first professional and consumer cameras with inbuilt GPS will be introduced to the market in the near future. Upload your photos without having to access a PC.
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